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Welcome from our Montessori Director


Thank you for deciding to explore St. Mary’s Montessori Preschool Program. Searching for the best pre-school to start your child’s education can be a daunting process. However, I believe that if you give us a chance, you’ll discover what hundreds of parents have already realized: St. Mary’s Montessori Preschool is the ideal launching pad for academic success.

At St. Mary’s Montessori Preschool we strive to provide a well-structured program based on the Montessori philosophy of teaching. This philosophy incorporates the method of observing and supporting the natural development of children that has been tested world-wide for over a century. St. Mary’s is proud to say that we have been instructing Amarillo preschoolers in this method for over 30 years. Montessori education helps children develop creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and time-management skills, care of the environment, as well as compassion and service to others. It prepares them to become lifelong learners and leaders of society.

We do all of this, and much more, under the careful guidance of the Holy Spirit. We know that God has made each of us unique. St. Mary’s Montessori program fosters an environment that ensures each child the opportunity to develop their natural inclination for learning at their own pace which promotes confidence and stimulates their curiosity.

I look forward to introducing you to St. Mary’s Cathedral School family. I hope you will call to set up a tour so you can see for yourself how we learn in Christ with our hearts, souls, and minds.


Lora Hoelting, 
Montessori Director