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St. Mary's Cathedral School Uniforms

Students in Montessori through grade 5 wear a uniform. Uniform items should be purchased from Amarillo Screen Graphics at 2715 Civic Circle. The school has signed a contract with this approved vendor. On occasion, non-uniform days are declared; students are reminded of guidelines for appropriate school wear on non-uniform days.

If for any reason a student is out of uniform at any time, a note to the teacher stating the reason is required of the parent/guardian. If one is not sent, the teacher will send a note stating violation of uniform code. The parent may be called to bring the appropriate uniform item to school.

In accordance with the uniform policy, the following rules must be observed:

  1. St. Mary's sweatshirts/hoodie may be worn in the classroom. No other type jacket or sweater may be worn.
  2. School attire is to be clean and neat. Shirts/blouses are to be tucked in on uniform days. Belts must be worn with pants.
  3. Jewelry and make-up are not part of the uniform and often distract from the learning environment. No jewelry except pierced earring simple studs. A necklace, if worn, can be a simple small cross or religion-related icon.
  4. Artificial nails, colored nail polish and nail art is not permitted. Students will be asked to remove the polish if it is worn to school.
  5. Hair is to be neat, clean, well-groomed, and styled so that vision will not be obstructed. Reasonable judgment should be exercised. Faddish hairstyles such as tails, punk styles, colors that do not appear in human hair and streaking are not allowed. Boys’ hair should not touch the collar or be below the ears.
  6. Physical education attire should be modest and appropriate for school wear. Physical education uniform is to be worn on all physical education days including non-uniform days.
  7. Girls’ shorts/skirts should be no shorter than three inches above the knee.  

2019-20 Uniform Policy