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Dear St. Mary's Cathedral Parish and School Family:

Through various challenges in our lives, we've all learned how important it is to have a plan. Without a long-range plan in place, we risk losing sight of our goals and the necessary steps to keep moving towards those goals through the ever-changing and unpredictable circumstances of the world.

On behalf of our Cathedral School Principal, Mrs. Linda Aranda, the School Board, faculty, staff and parents who have contributed their insights and time to this important effort, I am pleased to present to you the following strategic plan for St. Mary's Cathedral School. Following the example of our Lord Jesus whose plan included the advent of the Kingdom of God as well as the generations of selfless and courageous participants in the mission of our parish school for over one-hundred years, the process for finalizing a strategic plan has forced us to think about and strategize for maintaining and growing the spiritual, academic, social and structural excellence of our school into the near and far future. This plan will continue to be utilized as a tool to guide the decisions that affect the current and future wellbeing of our school while being flexible to address any unforeseen blessings and challenges that may come our way.

With the results now in hand and presented to you, we pray that you will find yourself as an active contributor to the unfolding of this plan. Relying as always on the guidance of our diocesan, parish and school leadership, we count on all of you to invest yourselves in our continued efforts towards academic excellence, Catholic identity and learning in Christ with our hearts, souls and minds. Thank you for choosing our school not as just one among various institutions of learning but as a family where we all can discover our gifts, possibilities and responsibilities as those created in the image of God.

In Christ the Greatest Teacher,

Fr. Scott L. Raef