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St. Mary's Cathedral School Advisory Board:


St. Mary’s Cathedral School is a parish school in the Diocese of Amarillo. Governed by a Board of education, which is a consultative body of the parish and school.  The purpose of the School Advisory Board is to assist the pastor and principal in an advisory capacity by recommending local school policies in compliance with Canon Law of the Church, as well as the directives of the Diocese of Amarillo. The Board is an agent of St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council.  It is subject to such regulations as might proceed from the Texas Catholic Conference, the Ordinary of the Diocese of Amarillo, and/or the superintendent of Catholic schools and the Parish Pastoral Council.

September Minutes


Msgr. Colwell


VICE PRESIDENT: To be elected

SECRETARY: lisa touma

Board Members: Phil Houlihan, Leo Ramos, KIM BOYD, Ryan Gerber, Adrian Gonzalez, Paul Miguel, Mary Villalon

Principal- Doug Jones

ASSISTANT  principal- Lydia O'Rear